sex, love, lust, friendship

sex, love, lust, friendship
sex, love, lust, friendship

New year 2011 Hotties here to welcome you all :D ENJOY !!!!!!!!

Bollywood profile of DEEPIKA PADUKONE

Name: Deepika Padukone
Date of Birth: January 5, 1986
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Writing Hand: Right Handed
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Family Residence: Lokhandwala (when in Mumbai), now live in Bangalore (father runs Badminton Academy)
Deepika's Residence: Mumbai in Bandra, just bought her own house in 2007 and just moved to Cozy Home Society at Pali Hill near Ranbir Kapoor's bungalow
Hometown: Benson Town, Bangalore (Chitrapur Saraswat)
Raised in: Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin Community
Languages: Hindi, English & Kannada
Father: Prakash Padukone - Badminton player from India-Born (10th June 1955)
Mother: Ujjala - Birthday August 14 hails from Mumbai
Sister: Anisha loves to play golf and wants to be a pro (Five years younger)
Grandmother: Born in Mumbai grew up in Bangalore
Paternal Grandfather: Late Ramesh Padukone who was the Secretary of the Mysore Badminton Association for many years.
Grandfather: 84 years old on January 1, 2006
Aunt: Birthday on January 2 lives in Mumbai
Parents' Wedding Anniversary: December 16th (26 years this December 2007)
Personal: Spiritual and believes in prayer, does not smoke or drink. Likes to stay at home and have 'get togethers' with her friends at home playing board games!
Acting Coach: Anupam Kher in Mumbai
Fitness Consultant: Lisa John
Manager: Piya
Discovered by:
Anila Anand in Bangalore
Boyfriends: Ex-Nihar Pandya Current boyfriend: Ranbir Kapoor
Role Model: Madhu Sapre.
Education: Sophia’s High School in Bangalore. Mount Carmal Junior College in Bangalore. 1 year of Graduate school was finishing school through correspondence courses.
Sports: Badminton till Class 10. Reached state-level championships. Also played baseball and did kick boxing as well.
Bought herself a car in: 2006
Favorite Actors: Shahrukh Khan & Amitabh Bachchan
Favorite Actresses: Madhuri Dixit
Favorite Movies: Dil & Devdas
Favorite Book: Little Women & 'The Kite Runner' by Khalid Hosseini
Favorite Holiday Spot: The French Riviera
Favorite Cuisine: Thai
Favorite Drink: Nimbu Panni
Favorite Perfume: Escada
Favorite Outfit: Saree
Favorite Fashion Designer: Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani
Favorite Fashion Choreographer: Alison Kanuga
Favorite Fashion Photographer: Atul Kasbekar
My inspiration: Her parents
My advice to aspiring models: Don’t make modelling a profession till the time you start getting lot of work. Rather pursue it as a hobby and once you know your feet are settled opt for it full time. That’s what I did.

Rapid Fire
Hottest thing about you
My smile.
Hottest thing about being in your profession
Fame followed by perks!
Hottest thing about Mumbai
The weather …
Hottest cuisine
South Indian food.
Hottest all-time favourite film
Scent of A Woman.
Hottest all-time favourite music
Old Hindi music.
Smitten by a hot star or a romantic film?
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for SRK.
Hottest lie
To my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. I told them I was busy working and later surprised them in Bangalore.
Hottest thing we don't know about you?
That's for me to know and you to find out!
Hottest fantasy
On a full moon night sailing on a yacht with my hottest date.
Hottest bedroom line
Good Night.
Hottest male co-star
SRK of course!
Hottest fashion tip
Wear your personality and don't follow trends.
Hottest fitness tip
A healthy combo of balanced meal and workouts.
Hottest fragrance
Femina by Alberta Ferretti.
Hottest outfit
A saree.
Hottest accessory
Rings and earrings.
Hottest gossip you've heard
Oh, that SRK's sexy abs have been digitalised in Om Shanti Om!
Hottest thing your boyfriend did for you
No comments.
Hottest thing you did for your boyfriend
No comments.
Hottest date
Never been on one…YET!
Hottest rumour you've heard about yourself
No comments.
Hottest stress-buster
Participating in any sports.
Hottest romantic getaway
South of France.
Hottest song lyrics
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mai…
Hottest wish
That the renovation of my house is completed ASAP
Are you okay with a hot wardrobe, say a bikini, for a movie?
I don't mind wearing a bikini because I know that I can carry one off. I'm very sure of what I can do and what I can't.
Hottest fetish
Ah, that's easy…shoes and chocolates!
Your ideal man
My Dad
What's hotter at present? Love life or work?
Love and friendship, all can wait. Today my priorities are my career and my family!
Hottest fantasy
On a full moon night sailing on a yacht with my hottest date
What's hot about SRK?
His six pack abs and two dimples!

I Eat
Food Preferences: Non-vegetarian likes vegetarian food. Likes sea food and Manglorean preparations.
Day Begins: As early as 6 or 7 am if shooting. On other days, up by 8 am. "The first thing I have is a glass of water, followed by breakfast and a shower. Breakfast is mostly balanced, idli dosa or eggs. I make my own breakfast."
Lunch: "My lunch is also balanced. It consists of dal, chawal, roti and sabzi.
I am very fond of food. Though I like home-cooked food, I am not very rigid about it, as I don't mind ordering from outside or eating unit food. We were very well taken care of on the sets of Om Shanti Om. The food would comprise dal, chawal, roti and sabzi. Occasionally, we would call for Chinese, Punjabi or South Indian cuisine. On the sets of OSO, Shah Rukh ate only boiled chicken and boiled vegetables. He shared his boiled chicken with all of us. It was well made and quite yummy."
Southie Food: "I like South Indian food — idli, dosa, pulyeogare (tamarind rice) and ghar ka khana. I like eating all the time and that includes in the evening. I have chai or coffee with sandwiches."
Fitness: "I don't have any fitness regime in particular. I prefer taking a walk and being outdoors. I don't feel I need to workout at my age or be careful about what I eat. However, if I feel I am putting on weight, I try to control my diet and also do yoga, aerobics and dance."
Hates: "I hate dahi but I love milk and cheese."
Will Always: "I always carry chocolates when I am shooting. I like dark chocolate with nuts and chocolates with a biscuit combination. I love chaats though it is quite difficult to have it while shooting.
Favorite fruits: Grapes, watermelons and mangoes, especially during the season.
Likes: "I like to sip tea or coffee and water, nariyal pani or nimbu pani while I am on a shoot."
Peek inside her fridge: "In my fridge you will always find chocolates."
Prefers: "I prefer to have a light brunch of soup and Caesar salad instead of the Sunday lunch."
Memories: "Some of my fond childhood memories are associated with chocolate milkshake. I was very famous for perpetually ordering chocolate milkshake and dropping it every time I could lay my hands on it at Mac Fast Food in Bangalore. My mom, Ujwala is our favourite cook in the family. She can cook all kinds of food, including South Indian food, very well. She cooks when I go home and it is undoubtedly the best."
In the kitchen: "I have always been fond of baking and cooking. Whenever I have free time I try to experiment with different recipes. I make really good upma. I can't remember how old I was when I first tried to bake but I have never had any cooking disasters."
Favorite Dining Companions: "Are my family and the friends I usually hang out with. We are a big group and all are very passionate about eating."
Comfort Food: Khichdi with pickle.
Memorable Dining Experience: "I recently went to Paris (after the premiere of my film) with my colleagues and dined atop the Eiffel tower. It was truly exquisite. This is my most memorable holiday dining experience so far."
Can't resist: "I can't resist buying cold cuts, chocolates, fruit packets and baked beans. I feel guilty about eating chocolates and sweets. In Indian sweets, I only like motichur laddu and gulab jamun."
Favorite Dishes: "My favourite dishes from my home town, Mangalore are fish curry, koli roti, prawn curry and fish fry."
Favorite Beverage: "My favorite beverage is South Indian filter coffee."
Restaurants: "I pay more attention to the ambience of a restaurant so I like the Dome at Marine drive. The Taj Lands End is very close to home and since it is open till late we drop in frequently. Bombay and Bangalore are full of good restaurants."
Favorite spice: Chilly.
Favorite Kitchen Appliance: Microwave.
What do you think you look like: "I resemble something between a bean, bhindi and carrot."
Romantic Meal: "My idea of a romantic meal would be candle light dinner with French food on the French Riviera by the beach."

Favorite Treat to make
Walnut Brownies Deepika's recipe
175 gms dark chocolate (cooking chocolate)
175 gms butter
200 gms sugar (castor)
3-4 eggs
65 gms flour
25 gms walnuts (chopped)
Separate the egg whites and the yolks. Beat the egg whites till they are stiff, preferably with an electric eggbeater. Whisk in the yolks and on a slow flame melt butter in a non-stick pan. Add the broken pieces of chocolate, also add in the castor sugar. Mix all these ingredients while the pan is still on the gas. When the chocolate has completely melted, remove from gas. Cool it down a little bit. Add in the flour. Fold in the egg whites and then the egg yolks. By this time you will have a water-like consistency. Add in the chopped walnuts. Grease a baking tin and dust it with flour. Pour the entire mixture in the tin. Preheat the oven and bake at 180 degree C or at 350 F for about 35 to 40 minutes till done. Serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

I wear
Style mantra for dressing: Comfort
On a Sunday/holiday out: Something I am comfortable in, probably jeans and a shirt. And I always wear Levi’s jeans
For an evening party: Anything that’s not too short or revealing
For a night out: Jeans and formal shirts
For work: Anything comfortable

I care
Skin care: No regular routine but I am very particular about taking off my make-up before going to bed
Hair care: Lots of parachute oil
Hairstyle I prefer: Long black
Diet I follow: Lots of chocolates
Colour that I wear most often: White
My most recent purchase: Shopping in Spain for shoes and clothes

I dare
Fashion or style: Definitely style
Deepika as a fashion police: Ban on short skirts and ankle length boots
Strongest point: I am like any other 21 year old college going girl.
Weakest point: I am very emotional
The best thing to happen to me: The way my career has moved, touchwood!

Vital Stats
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Bust: 34"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 36"
Shoes: 9 ½

Bollywood Profile of Sonakshi Sinha

Biography: Sonakshi Sinha (born 2 June 1987) is an Indian actress and model. She is the daughter of Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha.

Early life

Sonakshi has two brothers, Luv Sinha and Kussh Sinha and is the daughter of Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha. Sonakshi started her career as a model, and walked the ramp at the Lakme Fashion week in 2008 and then again in Lakme Fashion week 2009.

Acting career

Sonakshi is expected to make her acting debut in a film entitled Dabangg co-starring with Salman Khan. The film is scheduled for a September 2010 release.