sex, love, lust, friendship

sex, love, lust, friendship
sex, love, lust, friendship

Bollywood Profile of mallika sehrawat

Mallika Sherawat born October 24, 1981, as Reema Lamba in Rohtak, Haryana, India. Mallika is an Indian actress and model . She has a degree in philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.
Sherawat's birth name is Reema Lamba; she says that adopted the screen name of "Mallika", meaning "queen", to avoid confusion with other actresses named Reema. "Sherawat" is her mother's maiden name.

Struggling to acquire the tag of India's sex symbol, Mallika Sherawat has virtually dropped her clothes to clinch the 'coveted'(?) title. Mallika started out as a small-time model and actress from Delhi. Mallika always had stars in her eyes and was determined to pursue the glamour profession and give it all it took to make it! Even though her conservative father was dead against her decision (he still is!), Mallika defied his wishes and moved to Mumbai to carve a niche for herself in the big bad world of showbiz!

Initially an air-hostess with Indian National Carrier AIR INDIA, The rumour is that she was already married to one, Capt. Gill from Delhi, but sadly, the marriage didn't exactly work!

She made her first onscreen appearance in a music video. She first attracted wide notice with her appearance in the 2003 movie Khwahish, which was, by Indian standards, quite racy. Ms. Sherawat appeared in a number of revealing costumes.Later that year, she starred in Murder, a film that again challenged Indian film standards. She received a 'Best Actress' nomination at the Zee Cine Awards for her performance in that film.

She apparently listens to 4-5 scripts every day these days and says no to all of them, thereby leading to further talk about her highhandedness. Disgruntled directors claim she’s developed an attitude. But Mallika isn’t bothered. "I’ve always been exactly like this. I speak my mind and I expect others to do the same." Mallika begs innocence. "If I was noticed in the film, is it my fault?" she says with a hurt expression. "Is it a crime to be successful?"

Apparently statements such as "I’m like Viagara for the audience" and "I don’t mind doing a porn film" were part of a carefully-orchestrated game plan for Murder which Mallika wasn’t entirely comfortable going along with. All the hoopla about her sexy image is all a front. At heart Mallika claims to be a conservative girl with "an inbuilt censor". Talks about an affair with Mahesh Bhatt embarrass her. "How can I be involved with someone old enough to be my father?" Father or no, Sherawat has cleverly moved on. She recently met Ram Gopal Varma. The hot-and-happening duo hit it off instantly. Varma says he’s planning to cast Mallika "as soon as possible, the sooner the better."

Mallika did a number of ad films including the Santro ad with Shah Rukh Khan. She also made news when she won a small role in a Jackie Chan movie, The Myth, where she again appeared in "sexy" costumes. She made a widely publicized
appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote The Myth.

In July 2004, the Bollywood film producers' union IMPAA temporarily blacklisted Mallika. Filmmaker Ramesh Sharma complained that she broken her contract with him when she failed to turn up, as promised, for the filming of Kab Kyun Kahan (started in 1999).

Jeena Sirf Merre Liye (2002) (Credited as Reema Lamba)
Khwahish (2003)
Kis Kis Ki Kismat (2004)
Murder (2004)
Bachke Rehna Re Baba (2005)
The Myth (2005)
Welcome (2006)
Guru (2006)
Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006)
Shaadi Se Pehle (2006)
Darna Zaroori Hai (2006)
Dasavatharam (2007)
Sivaji: The Boss (2007)
Preeti Eke Bhoomi Melide (Kannada) (2007)
Fauj Mein Mauj (2007 or 2008)

Bollywood Profile of FARDEEN KHAN


Fardeen Khan was born on 8th March 1974, India. His father Feroz Khan was one of the famed actor of the 70’s but now he is known as a popular director. His mother Sundari Khan and younger Sister Laila Khan now converted into Laila Rajpal. Fardeen’s Uncle Sanjay Khan is also an Actor in the Film Industry. He has a cousins relationship with Zayed Khan and Suzzane Khan. Suzzane who is now married to Great Actor cum Super Star Hrithik Roshan. Fardeen Khan had an engagement with Natasha Madhwani, daughter of Former Actress Mumtaaz and a Business Trycoon Mayur Madhwani on 6th May 2005. Natasha’s Mother Mumtaaz and Fardeen’s father Feroz Khan had appeared lovers On Screen in Movies many a times.

Before his engagement he dated former Actress now turned into Director, Pooja Bhatt but the relationship didn’t carry out for long and broke up while he moved to UMass. He then dated Ruhin Khan but got married to Natasha Madhwani on 14th December 2005. Natasha belongs to well mannered and high class family. She had completed her school studies at a Boarding School in England and after completing her Graduation Studies she planned to settled her life in London. Eventually their marriage was a continuous process of 3 days conducted with various functions and even according to Hindu-Muslim rites and virtues at the Grand Hyatt and JW Mariot hotels in Mumbai. There was a major events where Great Bollywood Stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta attended the Wedding especially flying from New York.

Fardeen after his school life moved to abroad, resulting distinction Non-Indian Accent. Fardeen then completed his graduation in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in U.S.A. He has western looks and good speaking voice makes difficult for many actors in performing Roles of Typical or Stereotypical character in the Indian Film Industry. Fardeen made his debut with the movie Prem Aggan which was released in 1998, but this film unfortunately resulted a big flop at the box-office. But he bounced back with Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Jungle’ in the year 2000. Fardeen has some lucky points given by his father related to acting which he calls as Father’s Notoriety. His couple of hits made him a star in his Bollywood film Career.

Though his next few films like ‘Love Ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega’ in 2001, ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ in 2001, ‘Kitne Door Kitne Pass’ in 2002 and ‘Om Jai Jagdish’ in 2002 went unnoticeable by the Audience and failed to receive any acclaim at the box-office. He once again bounced back in the Hearts of his fans with the film ‘Khushi’ and ‘Bhoot’ in 2003. Fardeen has appeared many a times in Supporting Roles such as in the movie ‘Bhoot’. After a flop Film ‘Janasheen’ in 2003, his performance was then loved and appreciated in the film ‘Dev’ released out in 2004. Later on his Negative Character in the film ‘Fida’ in 2004 was suprising for his fans but it still remind him as a Star. His first Blockbuster hit film was Boney Kapoor’s ‘No Entry’ in 2005. His up-coming movies are ‘Kurbani’ which is a remake of ‘Old Kurbani of 1980’ and 'Honeymoon’.

Fardeen Khan’s Personal Profile:

Full Name: Fardeen Khan.

Star: Pisces.

DOB: March 8, 1974.

Wife’s Name: Natasha Madhwani.

Favourite TV Show: Untamed Africa.

Memorable moments: They won't all fit in this little space.

Philosophy of life: Life goes on.

Blind date will be with: Madonna.

Secret ambition: To be a race car driver.

Night activity: Watching a flick.

Allergies: Pretentious people.

Favourite drink: Gin and tonic.

Recurring dream: Hanging out on my island.

Favourite book: Notes To Myself by Hugh Prather.


Kurbani (2007)
Darling (2007)
Subway (2007)
Aankh Micholi (2007)
Hey Baby (2007)
Dulha Mil Gaya (2007)
Just Married (2007)
Aryan - Unbreakable (2006)
Pyare Mohan (2006)
Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena (2005)
Shaadi No.1 (2005)
No Entry (2005)
Fida (2004)
Dev (2004)
Janasheen (2003)
Bhoot (2003)
Khushi (2003)
Om Jai Jagadish (2002)
Kuch Tum Kahon Kuch Hum Kahein (2002)
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (2002)
Hum Ho Gaye Aapke (2001)
Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (2001)
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (2001)
Jungle (2000)
Prem Aggan (1998)
Subah O Sham (1972)

Bollywood profile of JACKIE SHROFF


He's considered one of Bollywood's most affable stars. So much so, Jackie Shroff is open to fielding questions about everything under the sun including his take on the opposite sex, his own sexuality, his family life, his financial difficulties and then perhaps, his film career! This has been the story of his life, ever since Jackie graduated from being a small-time 'dada' at Teenbatti (in South Bombay) to a popular model, till finally, Dev Anand picked him up for a minor part in Swami Dada (1982).

Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff wanted to become a villain in the Indian film industry but became a hero. He began his career as a model. Subhash Ghai's film 'Hero', which became a blockbuster shattered the myth that models cannot act. Despite being a successful actor, there was a time when the dark alleys of his past seemed to call him back. Drugs and booze fuelled his system.

It is also heard that he's is now prepared to go back to doing what he started off with playing the villain. Given his easygoing disposition and 'nice guy' image, wonder how he's going to fit the bill. But who knows, he might just pull this gamble off too like he's done several times in the past.

Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited (JSEL), a company floated by the star, first production, 'Grahan' fared disastrously but his next ventures Sandhya and Boom seems to be promising.


Birth name: Jai Kishen
Nickname: Jaggu Dada, Jagga, Jags
Date of Birth: 1 February 1957
Sign: Aquarian
Height: 6' or 1.83 m
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Children: son and daughter
Marital status: married
Spouse: Ayesha Shroff
Favorite food: vegetarian
Favorite movie: Hare Rama Hare Krishna
His heroine: Madhuri Dixit
Other facts: he formed his own company, Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited
Hobbies: swim, horse riding, cricket, music, cooking, games on laptop computer, surf on the net
Occupation: bollywood actor
Debut Film: Hero
Languages: hindi, English


Maryada Purushottam (2006)
Mera Dil Leke Dekho (2006)
Eklavya: The Royal Guard (2007)
Bhagam Bhag (2006)
Apna Sapna Money Money (2006)
Bhoot Uncle (2006)
Divorce: Not Between Husband and Wife (2006)
Kyun Ki? (2005)
Antar Mahal (2005)
Ssukh (2005)
Tum ho na! (2005)
Hulchul (2004)
Dobara (2004)
Aan: Men at Work (2004)
Sandhya (2003)
Samay: When Time Strikes (2003)
3 Deewarein (2003)
Boom (2003)
Ek Aur Ek Gyarah (2003)
Baaz: A Bird in Danger (2003)
Agni Varsha (2002)
Devdas (2002)
Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai (2002)
Pitaah (2002)
Mulaqaat (2002)
Lajja (2001)
Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai (2001)
Yaadein... (2001)
Albela (2001)
One 2 Ka 4 (2001)
Grahan (2001)
Censor (2001/I)
Farz (2001)
Hadh: Life On the Edge of Death (2001)
Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye (2000)
Mission Kashmir (2000)
Refugee (2000)
Jung (2000)
Gang (2000)
Kohram: The Explosion (1999)
Hote Hote Pyar Hogaya (1999)
Phool Aur Aag (1999)
Kartoos (1999)
Laawaris (1999)
Sirf Tum (1999)
Bandhan (1998)
Yamraaj (1998)
Kabhi Na Kabhi (1998)
Yugpurush: A Man Who Comes Just Once in a Way (1998)
Ustadon Ke Ustad (1998)
2001 (1998)
Jaan E Jigar (1998)
Badmaash (1998)
Hafta Vasuli (1998)
Tirchhi Topiwale (1998)
Aar Ya Paar (1997)
Border (1997)
Shapath (1997)
Share Bazaar (1997)
Vishwavidhaata (1997)
Agni Sakshi (1996)
Bandish (1996)
Chall (1996)
Kalinga (1996)
Return of Jewel Thief (1996)
Shikaar (1996)
Talaashi (1996)
Ram Shastra (1995)
Rangeela (1995)
God and Gun (1995)
Dushmani: A Violent Love Story (1995)
Milan (1995)
Trimurti (1995)
Stuntman (1994)
Chauraha (1994)
1942: A Love Story (1993)
Shatranj (1993)
Gardish (1993)
Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993)
Aaina (1993)
Antim Nyay (1993)
Hasti (1993)
Khal Nayak (1993)
King Uncle (1993)
Police Officer (1992)
Angaar (1992)
Dil Hi To Hai (1992)
Laatsaab (1992)
Prem Deewane (1992)
Sangeet (1992)
Lakshmanrekha (1991)
Akayla (1991)
Saudagar (1991)
100 Days (1991)
Hafta Bandh (1991)
Doodh Ka Karz (1990)
Azaad Desh Ke Gulam (1990)
Baap Numberi Beta Dus Numberi (1990)
Jeene Do (1990)
Pathar Ke Insan (1990)
Vardi (1990)
Sikka (1989)
Tridev (1989)
Hum Bhi Insaan Hain (1989)
Kala Bazaar (1989)
Main Tera Dushman (1989)
Parinda (1989)
Ram Lakhan (1989)
Sachche Ka Bol Bala (1989)
Falak (1988)
Aakhri Adaalat (1988)
Uttar Dakshin (1987)
Kudrat Ka Kanoon (1987)
Kaash (1987)
Sadak Chhap (1987)
Diljala (1987)
Jawab Hum Denge (1987)
Mard Ki Zabaan (1987)
Karma (1986)
Allah Rakha (1986)
Dahleez (1986)
Haathon Ki Lakeeren (1986)
Mera Dharam (1986)
Palay Khan (1986)
Yudh (1985)
Mera Jawab (1985)
Jaanoo (1985)
Paisa Yeh Paisa (1985)
Shiva Ka Insaaf (1985)
Teri Meherbaniyan (1985)
Andar Baahar (1984)
Hero (1983/II)
Swami Dada (1982)


Jackie Shroff has won 3 Filmfare awards-

1990 - Filmfare Best Actor Award, Parinda ..
1995 - Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, 1942: A Love Story
1996 - Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, Rangeela

Jackie Shroff was nominated in the Best Actor category at the 58th Locarno International Film festival, for Antar Mahal.